Why Africa

Africa offers an increasing number of experienced researchers through networks of excellence implemented throughout the continent.

Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent in the world with almost 15% of the world’s population. Of all emerging regions, Africa has the least access to quality care whereas the continent carries a very high health burden that includes both communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/AIDS and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular indications, malnutrition, post traumatic conditions and oncology to name but a few.The continent’s huge unmet medical needs must be addressed in order to sustain Africa’s development.

Africa has increasingly become a source of interest for funders of health related research in their battle for eradicating major diseases and sponsors of social science research in their commitment in reducing poverty.
Clinical research is also fixing its gaze on Africa. With larger, multi-country and multi-site clinical trials requiring more diverse participants, and with sponsors becoming increasingly cost conscious, it is no surprise that Africa is becoming a continent of fast growing interest.
Today’s Africa offer an increasing number of experienced researchers through networks of excellence implemented throughout the continent, a significant pool of trained research personnel, a tremendous untapped pool of participants for all kinds of research (including treatment naïve patients for clinical trials) which ensures high enrolment rates per site, low costs for successfully conducting your studies and last but not least, experienced services providers to support all types of research.

Pharmalys is your local partner, whether you are:
- an academic institution running investigator initiated trials or epidemiological studies
- an NGO, foundation or governmental department involved in fighting the high disease burden of Africa and its economic development
- a pharmaceutical company aspiring to bring to the market safe and innovative drugs faster and in a cost-conscious way.

Pharmalys provides high quality support to stakeholders in the health sector for interventional clinical trials, epidemiological studies, data registries, observational studies, social science research and capacity building.

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