Our Quality Management System

Quality assurance and control activities are essential to Pharmalys mission. The achievement of our strategic goal is based on delivering high quality services to our customers by:

 -  Applying controls to each step of our procedures
 -  Ensuring that our staff have appropriate qualifications and training
 -  Applying rigorous planning and management
 -  Implementing a continuous improvement process to ensure that strategic issues,      goals and customer needs are addressed.

We are regularly audited by our clients and have recently been inspected by the MHRA, the UK competent authority with no critical findings.

Our Quality Management System has been developed and improved over time to ensure repeated quality. The main elements it includes are:
- Risk assessment and management
- Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
- Staff training and competency checks
- Participative management
- Quality assurance auditing
- Document control, disaster recovery and business continuity

ISO certification is now our focus as a consolidation step of our systems and processes.

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