Public Health and Social Science Research

The Context

Health systems in most parts of Africa are currently struggling to cope with the unprecedented challenges of the rapidly increasing need for healthcare resources.
It is therefore imperative to find sustainable solutions to strengthen social and health systems with the goal of achieving an improving health in Africa.

Our Solution

Via well-structured interdisciplinary research collaborations, Pharmalys is able to deliver high-quality insights into the behaviour, attitudes and expectations of users and providers of healthcare services that can enable decision-makers to shape the provision of rationalised healthcare services.
We provide health systems research to governments and organisations across the public and charitable sectors to support them in achieving their objectives of improving people’s lives.
We do not simply process questionnaires but work with you to ensure the research meets your objectives, advising on the appropriate methodology, designing your questions and helping you to understand the data.

Our Capabilities

- Assessment of health policy outcomes
- Assessment of disease-specific healthcare needs
- Self-reported patient outcomes
- Social registries

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