Feasibility Assessment

The Context

Throughout our professional experience we have built up an extensive database of key opinion leaders, qualified researchers, investigators and professional sites across a wide range of therapeutic areas. Furthermore, we continually identify new potential researchers through advertising campaigns, referrals and networking.
Our database of investigators is an important resource allowing us to conduct a realistic feasibility assessment at very short notice leading to the selection of the best investigational sites, the correct number of sites and accurate patient recruitment rates, never losing sight of the specifics of your individual project.
We also survey different patient advocacy groups which enables us to target the appropriate investigators and provide the best feedback.

Our honesty and professionalism in this area mean you will be in a position to make the correct decisions on how to conduct your projects based on current factual information.

Our Solutions

- Early Stage Clinical Trials
- Phase II and III Clinical Trials
- Late Phase Clinical Trials
- Post Marketing Safety Studies
- Product Value and Effectiveness in Real-world
- Public Health and Social Science Research