Capacity Building - Institutional

The Context

Creating a sustainable environment for conducting high quality medical research is essential to putting Africa in line with the highest international standards and to allow rapid access to crucially needed quality medicines and vaccines to patients in Africa.
Promoting high quality medical research goes hand in hand with building the required infrastructure and developing tomorrow’s African leading scientists. Therefore, increasing awareness at the institutional level in order to support national governments, health research funders and development agencies is one of our objectives.

Our Solution

Capacity building is a corner stone of Pharmalys’ approach to health research. The growing needs for suitably qualified researchers, regulators and up to the job operational teams have led us to build a comprehensive and flexible training and education program to strengthen Africa’s research capacity.
Our services cover all aspects of health research whether for the implementation or updating of health research policies and guidelines orcapacity development of research sites, ethic committees and regulatory bodies members.
Our seminars and workshops are the right platforms for sharing knowledge, experience and best practices in order to develop synergies among stakeholders. Our seminars are coordinated by lecturers and instructors who are experienced professionals in the pharmaceutical and related industries which enables them to share a wealth of knowledge with the participants.

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